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NFC: Redfin Darters

Hey Everyone,
     Well, I finally had some luck in catching redfin darters,
Etheostoma whipplei.  I found them in what could only be described as a
puddle.  Due to the drought we have been having, Sand Creek was almost
completely dry, with only a few isolated pools.  The fish were hiding in
the thick layer of fallen leaves at the bottom of the deepest areas.
     This brings me to my question.  What kind of tank set-up would you
use for these fish?  I know stagnant, polluted water is not their
preffered habitat.  Should I set the tank up as a traditional darter
tank, gravel, high flow, etc.?  Or, as I hope is the case, do these
darters prefer the low-flow areas?  Also, what are some of the best
foods to try to wean these things on to?  I have access to a plankton
net, and I know where I can find copepods, but it won't be long before
winter eliminates that food supply.

Any comments?