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Re: NFC: Redfin Darters

>This brings me to my question.  What kind of tank set-up would you
>use for these fish?  I know stagnant, polluted water is not their
>preffered habitat.  Should I set the tank up as a traditional darter
>tank, gravel, high flow, etc.?  Or, as I hope is the case, do these
>darters prefer the low-flow areas?  Also, what are some of the best
>foods to try to wean these things on to?  I have access to a plankton
>net, and I know where I can find copepods, but it won't be long before
>winter eliminates that food supply.

>From what I read, you seem to have a choice.  Gravel or sand should be
fine.  Moderate or swift current or possibly just a calm current.  For
food, if they're anything like mine, baby brine shrimp, daphnia, black
worms (loved), and vinegar eels... all live, of course.  They may adapt to
something like Hikari's Sinking Canivoire Pellets as a supplement.  The
BBS, black worms, and pellets should be available at many LFSs.  Vinegar
eels are easy to culture, if you can get a starter.  Daphnia culturing
seems to be an art form.  Some have no luck; some do well.  So far, I've
been lucky with D. magna.

Good luck.  Darters are the most interesting of fish.  My wild caught ones
adapted immediately to having someone feed them.  Came over to the side of
the tank as a group and watched me watching them.

If you get more than you need, let me know... I'd be interested.


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