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Re: Tiny swamp fish communities.

At 01:25 AM 10/21/1998 +0000, you wrote:
>To conserve space, as I keep most tanks specie specific, I decided to
>combine my tiniest wards in 17 gallon tanks (20 highs custom made
>shorter). ...


  You've hit on something I'VE been mulling over... shortening tanks.  I've
got my darters in 15 gallon longs (24 inches long) with water only about
1/2 way up to increase a "river -like" effect from the external filter.  I
wondered if cutting the tanks down would be another way.  The advantages
for me are (1) less noise... no waterfall and (2) if the power goes out,
the filters will refill automatically if the water level is near the top of
the tank rather than half way down.  All that said (and to get to the
point), how do you cut your standard tanks down?  Do you need to reseal