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Tiny swamp fish communities.

To conserve space, as I keep most tanks specie specific, I decided to
combine my tiniest wards in 17 gallon tanks (20 highs custom made
shorter).  I have many locations of elassoma, so this started this. I put
one location of zonatum with one location of evergaldie. this amounted to
about 6 of these tanks.  they have water lettuce, frog bit, and ludwigia
floating, and thick masses of java moss on a dark gravel bottom, with a
small foam filter hidden in the moss.  I then added heterandria formosa
to one tank, leptolucania ommata to another, and so on.  these peaceful
fish coexist well, will spawn in this set-up, albeit with some predation
of fry (survival of the fittest,I guess).  Hopefully this will give
someone with limited space but "big eyes" the type of natural (to some
extent) micro habitat.  I find the interactions of these tanks just plain
fun. Some other possible additions would be the swamp dwelling darters,
other small killifish, smaller minnow species, dwarf crawfish, and
whatever else you can find that will stay small, and doesn't want to eat
the adult tank mates (fry fend for themselves, au natural).  Of course
this can be adapted to streams and larger scale lake type tanks for other
fish but I feel these set-ups lend themselves best to the community in
smaller tanks, for instance, a comparable "lake tank" would probably need
to be 200 gallons or so to create the same effect, man, but that would be
neat too, maybe I'll try that next ! 


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