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Re: lists - another idea - ONE list

A person example of hitting the wrong danged button!  If anyone still has
the original message handy...please post it to NANFA for me.  I lost mine
and am starting to not trust my typing! :)


On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Mark Binkley wrote:

> I'm still confused.  You're talking about a thread and events that took
> place, for the most part on the NANFA list, but you're posting to the NFC
> list.  Anyone who isn't subscribed to both is going to be totally lost in
> this discussion.  Nothing personal. Luke  :).  It happens to everyone.
> Good points, by the way.
> >To follow up and add my idea to this discussion that Chuck started:
> >
> >I think we should all do a little more self-policing.  That includes doing
> >our best to stay on topic, limiting our non-topic comments to perhaps one
> >before we take it off the list and go private (I say one as sometimes
> >something is referenced in passing in a conversation to help make a
> >greater point) and lightening up a little.  Some didn't like my humor and
> >I'm not trying to flame anyone here but some of them were also people who
> >freguently talk 'computer' on the list.  Simple solution, barring keystoke
> >mistakes...I don't put anymore humor on the list, but that also makes
> >things a bit dry and dull doesn't it?  And one last thing, we might all
> >try to refrain from people who are obviously trying to cause
> >'controversies' on the list.  That's how this thing got started in the
> >first place.  :)
> >
> >Luke