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Re: lists - another idea - ONE list

I'm still confused.  You're talking about a thread and events that took
place, for the most part on the NANFA list, but you're posting to the NFC
list.  Anyone who isn't subscribed to both is going to be totally lost in
this discussion.  Nothing personal. Luke  :).  It happens to everyone.
Good points, by the way.

>To follow up and add my idea to this discussion that Chuck started:
>I think we should all do a little more self-policing.  That includes doing
>our best to stay on topic, limiting our non-topic comments to perhaps one
>before we take it off the list and go private (I say one as sometimes
>something is referenced in passing in a conversation to help make a
>greater point) and lightening up a little.  Some didn't like my humor and
>I'm not trying to flame anyone here but some of them were also people who
>freguently talk 'computer' on the list.  Simple solution, barring keystoke
>mistakes...I don't put anymore humor on the list, but that also makes
>things a bit dry and dull doesn't it?  And one last thing, we might all
>try to refrain from people who are obviously trying to cause
>'controversies' on the list.  That's how this thing got started in the
>first place.  :)