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Re: Our Killies (fwd)

i  have brood stock of F. Chysotus avaliable for sale/trade give me a
yell and we will get together on it.....

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>Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 15:59:21 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Clifford Sulham <sulham at uky_campuscw.net>
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>Subject: Our Killies
>I live in Kentucky, home to F. chrysotus and F. notti in times past.  
>I have
>been trying for months to find breeding stock of these fish.  Can't do 
>I have A. australe, and F. gardneri; and I've found a source for 
>marmoratus, but I can't find a source for any of the natives.  
>deals with mostly exotics and data, and NANFA mostly deals with broken 
>and how to raise shrimp, daphnia, and other stuff (like how to play 
>with softened hands from water-soaking).
>So, you tell me where the F. notti and F. chrysotus are, and I am past 
>to raise some.
>thanks for being interested in the same fish I am!
>Kip Sulham

Robert Rice
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