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Sunfish Group Starting Up.... (fwd)

J. L. Wiegert
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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:53:55 EDT
From: Ellasoma at aol_com
To: NFC at actwin_com
Subject: Sunfish Group Starting Up....

Hello I am Ray Wolff. I am fascinated by our North American Sunfishes. I am
also concerned about the lack of life histories and general knowledge of those
same sunfishes. The general public is only aware of the most common of our
unique sunfishes. This lack of knowledge hinders any conservation efforts on
their behalf. I have started a database in conjunction with the Native Fish
Conservancy that will be available via the NFC's website at
http://nativefishe at interspeed_net/ or as a newsletter for a small price. This
newsletter will share observations you the general public send in about
sunfish. For the purposes of the Sentinel sunfishes are defined as the basses,
the Centrachids and the pygmy sunfishes.
I'd like you to join me and share with us here at the Sunfish Sentinel your
articles notes etc. Do you have an interesting breeding tip, a rearing tip, a
observation in the wild, a fishing tip? They all are suitable for the
Sentinel. We will soon have our own email list up so keep your ears open.
Please contact me !
Raywolff at juno_com 
R.W.Wolff,6510 Helke Rd.,
Wisconsin Rapids, WI. 54494.              

Please note that  all the submissions will be compiled yearly or quarterly,
and can be obtained at the NFC website  of our email list or by snail mail for
a small fee to cover postage and printing.  All submissions become property of
the Sunfish Sentinel, and  may be edited  to fit format, and can not be
returned, unless a SASE is included.

Why should You contribute?
First and formost because you love sunfish. Second  to further the knowledge
of these fish, and help create some great
life history recordings. Finally because these fish need you !