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Free NFC Flier issues...........

Hello ,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who have
joined our conservation crusade ! We are growing fast , and as we close
in on 1,000 members and our first  real conservation newsletter ( Which
will be 6-12 pages) I want to make a special outreach to email members,
If you have friend, organization, school etc that you think would enjoy a
singel issue of the Flier newsletter please post their name adress ,
email , phone etc to the list and we will send them a freebie issue (up
to 500  freebies). I also ask that you get involved locally with a
student group, public or private school or a fishing club and develop a
local conservation agenda. The  NFC has allready in it's short exsistance
gotten involved in state politics, local school science   projects,
threatened species reproduction, Zoo aquariums , amature writing projects
and youth projects.

We have added every US senator to our membership roles in an effort to
let them know about the special things we are doing. We hope to add every
US congresman soon. All this activity comes back to you the  grassroots
members. You membership fees, auction purchases, and special programs are
the reason we have come so far so fast. So please keep up the good work.
Your efforts are the driving force to the NFC;s explosive growth.

The race to 5,000 members starts officially in 1999:)

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
email us at NFC at actwin_com
website  http://nativefish.interspeed.net/