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Re: DP Daphnia Magna and Euglena (greenwater) help needed

Suggest forgetting the horse manure for use inside the house; instead, 
put it in an outside container, along with natural pond water,  in full 
sun to create green water.  A large tank works well.  Bring the green 
water inside to feed the daphnia.  As their growth is highly temperature 
dependent, warmer temps = more daphnia.  A yeast solution is good for 
supplemental food but should not be used exclusively as it does not 
provide balanced nutrition.  Also suggest adding some crushed oyster 
shell to the daphnia culture as growing daphnia deplete dissolved 
calcium to build their shells.  As you harvest the daphnia, calcium is 
taken out of the system, which must be replaced.  Oyster shells dissolve 
slowly, add more when needed.

As far as the euglena are concerned, just put in full light and feed 
infusoria from a container with decomposing lettuce leaves. Again, 
culture the infusoria outside and add sparingly, as needed. This reduces 
the potential for odor problems inside the house (and preserves space in 
your fishroom for the important things - FISH !!!).

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>I just got a starter kit of Daphnia Magna and pure Euglena from LFS 
>I set up two bare tanks inside (one for each culture) as they 
instructed =
>bottled spring water and their Daphnia food.=20
>                                   DAPHNIA M. QUESTIONS:
>Do I need to put a heater in and if so, what temperature should it be 
>t at?
>I keep house at 60 degrees at night and when not at home during the 
day. =
>This late in the year, can I still culture the Daphnia M. outdoors?  If 
>for how much longer? Will a culture survive the winter and thrive next 
>Outside temperatures for the Indianapolis area this time of year are 
> at
>night and 60's to 70's in day.  First killing frost is usually about 
>15.  Would I need to aerate outdoor cultures of Daphnia?  What type of
>containers and sizes are best for culturing outside?  Should it be in 
> or
>They gave some instructions on using livestock manure in culture. (The 
>after I received the cultures, I came across a pile of horse manure 
> on a
>collecting trip and brought home a bread bag full of it.)  I think I'll 
>that solution outdoors ;-).  Any tips on that?  Certainly don't want 
the =
>in the house.
>                              EUGLENA (greenwater) QUESTIONS=20
>Pretty much same as above:  Do I need to keep it heated inside?  Do I 
>d to
>keep it aerated inside before adding Daphnia?  I know if I culture some
>outside it will no longer remain pure, but is it too late to start 
>e and
>any tips on doing it outside appreciated.
>                                           WATER QUESTION
>They suggested that pure spring water was best but I could use old,
>unmedicated aquarium water from a healthy tank for both Daphnia and 
>Since Daphnia is sensitive to even small amounts of metal ions, is this 
>safe?  I use tap water treated for chlorine, chloramine and copper.  
>the metal ions still there?
>Chuck Church
>CEFChurch at aol_com  =20
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA
>.=B7=B4=AF`=B7.. ><((((=BA>`=B7.=B8=B8.=B7=B4=AF`=B7...=B8><((((=BA> 
>.=A0.=B7=B4=AF`=B7.. ><((((=BA>

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