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Hows the writing comeing folks?

Hello folks,

We here at the NFC are having a special contest to help find new
grassroots writers . If you are a amateur writer (not published within
last 36 months) here's your chance ! Topics are limited to native fish
life histories, children's conservation activities and  general
conservation . Please no editorials or political pieces.  Articles will
be added to the website article database at
http://nativefish.interspeed.net/, assuming of course they are factually
accurate and readable.
Judgment will be made by our writing contest team and all decisions are
If you are a non NFC member there is a 2 $ entry fee. Please send your
particulars  along with your article on a disk to NFC Writers contest
2213 Prytania Circle Navarre Fl 32566 or email robertrice at juno_com or you
can email it directly to the NFC list at NFC at actwin_com 

Now for the fun part the Prizes !!!!
3rd Prize : 3 , 1 year memberships to share (30$ value), a Tommelleri
print of your choice (25$ value).
2nd Prize: all of the above plus a new filter from the NFC gift box type
limited to availability.
1st Prize : All of the above plus 25$ and the Contest committee will work
closely  with you to get your article published by a MAJOR publication.
IF you are published you can expect a paycheck in excess of 100$ . The
Committee will do any of the following as needed , rewrite , submit ,
find artwork or edit .

All submissions must be in by Dec 15th 1998. AGAIN Non NFC members add 2$
with your submission to.

2213 Prytania Circle 
Navarre Fl. 32566