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Re: Web site

>>>>> "TH" == The Halls <dahall at lightspeed_net> writes:
TH> Guess I should have bookmarked it....anyone else having trouble accessing
TH> the NFC website? 

I've noticed every once in a while Interspeed.net, the company that
hosts the NFC website, will be inaccessible. I've never noticed it last
more than a few minutes, so if this happens, just try again in a
little bit.

NFC website: nativefish.interspeed.net

Check early and check often. I add new stuff constantly thanks to our
generous contributors.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
Tim "NFC webguy" Ayers                           tayers at bridge_com
St. Paul, Minnesota
Bridge, Inc.                                        www.bridge.com