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Eager Eaters

  This has been a common occurrence amongst killifish that I've kept, and
to lesser extent mudminnows, that when feeding these fish, when you first
open the lid, and they see the food, they jump right out of the tank and
splat, on the floor.  Luckily these less massive fish aren't usually hurt
through acrobatics and  hard landings.
  The problem arises with larger fish, that when hitting the floor their
mass knocks the wind out of them or worse.  I had this happen this
morning while I was feeding crickets to my mud sunfish, it couldn't wait
to eat the cricket and the first one to dangle off the end  of th bag was
hit,  missed, and onto the floor went anacantharcus pomotis. The Mud
seems to be recovering fine, but be careful next time you feed your fish,
 they might not be as lucky.

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