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Re: Pike Livebearers information needed

OK OK OK :) >>>I'll get on it tonight. If they are as honery as folks say
they will need to be kept apart and shipped individually. In the pet
store these are going  up 20$ a fish we will probably come in at half of
that...Will get details out to the lists tommorrow.....

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998 18:52:50 -0400 "John M. Burns"
<jmburns at pressroom_com> writes:
>>How big?
>>How much?
>>What conditions are they best kept at?
>>Can they live in an un-heated aquarium?  
>>Any information or sites where more info available at?
>>Chuck Church
>>CEFChurch at aol_com
>I'm with Chuck... more info... another (scientific) name?  Please, 
>even if
>I don't want any, I do want to know.....

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