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Re: Digest - Wahoo. :)

> What is a news group?  

	Back in the good old days, before the silly thing called the World
Wide Web was invented, netnews (all newsgroups) *was* the Internet. The
"old" internet (pre Summer 1994) consisted of three major resources -
email, ftp and netnews. The "new" internet (post Summer 1994) is mostly
the Web. 

	Netnews is the collection of all newsgroups. In 1982 there were
about 200 newsgroups, in 1994 about 3000, right now over 7000 (?) and more
being created everyday. A newsgroup is like an electronic bulletin board
except that they are accessible world-wide (in most cases). People who
share a common interest (say Cichlids) would all read and post messages to
a newsgroup which was devoted to discussion of Cichlids. Some interesting
terminology evolved from this. A new message posted to a newsgroup was
called a "post".  Any messages which were responses to this were called
"followups". A long list of followups was called a "thread". Any message
where someone abused a person was called a "flame". 

	Newsgroups are organized in some kind of hierarchy. The newsgroups
of interest to us would be - rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc ,
rec.aquaria.misc, sci.aquaria, alt.aquaria etc. There might be more but
these are the groups that I follow. 

	Prost is a equivalent of "cheers" or "bottoms up". Is it Dutch in
origin, Martin?

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