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RE: serious letter

I don't think Michael is trying to "save the native fishes".   Besides,
stocking a pond isn't going to "save the native fishes" anyway.  He's an
experienced aquarist who struck it rich and wants to have some fun.

From his description, I'm thinking the pond is young, else there would
be fish in it.  This probably hasn't become an important
invertebrate-only ecosystem.  I'll bet the mosquitos are happy there
aren't any fish.

For starters:

When rains come will the pond overflow its banks?

Is there flow through the pond?  Any current?

What about water quality?  Is this a runoff pond which collects motor
oil, anti-freeze, etc?

How deep is it?  What type of substrate does it have?


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> I understand that this is list is filled with those dedicated to
> conservation of native fish species, but I just want to introduce a
point here.
> It sounds like you've examined this pond for vertebrate life rather
> but what about invertebrates?  There are many species of aquatic
insects whose
> larvae can only survive in bodies of water that do NOT contain
fishes...an example
> would be several of the phantom midges of family Chaoboridae. 
>  I would recommend a more thorough (if it has not already been done)
> of the biodiversity of these apparently "fishless regions," so that in
> (good-intended) haste to save the native fishes, native insects and
crustaceans aren't 
> eradicated instead.
> Moontanman at aol_com wrote:
> > OK guys and gals I have an opportunity, due to much construction in
my area
> > and the requirement of runoff ponds for parking lot rain water I
have found a
> > pond (1/3 acre or so) that has been forgotten and has no fish!  I
plan to
> > contact the developers and ask if I can stock this little jewel with
fish of
> > my choosing.  Nothing lives there but insects and tadpoles.  A great
> > opportunity to start an ecosystem from the ground up (so to speak) I
> > leaning towards H. Formosa, madtoms, bluespotted sunnies, and maybe
> > pickerels.  I know some dace are native here and some shiners.  Want
to start
> > a discussion/suggestions for stocking this pristine body of water?
> >
> >                                                             
>            Michael