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ERP shipment update

Hey Folks,
				Well, the last dropoff of wild exotics, Jewels, was delivered yesterday in
preperation for this mornings 1st shipment to our wholesaler. They were
promptly put thier own holding can and left over night.
				The holding system consists of 5 Rubbermaid 34 gal. trash cans connected
in line with PVC pipe and then to a Mag-Drive 500 utility pump. Each can has
it's own filter tube, more PVC, topped with a piece of screen to prevent the
fish from visiting eachother. Each can also has a screen loosely hung over the
top, connected at the back and clipped at the front to prevent leapers.   
				I woke this morn before sun, had my usual 4 mugs of java, and began the
proccess everything for task of bagging the little beasties for thier 1st
plane ride. When I went to the Jewel tank/can I noticed in the dim light of
morn a few on the ground. Then, to my horror I realized that there was a bit
more than a few.  : (   Over 50 had found thier way through the loose flap of
the screen and leaped to thier death in the wee hours of the morn. Live and
			I called the team member with the news and luck on our side for a change
was able to meet him at his fishing site where he had in 15 minutes already
collected more than enough to cover the loss with an ingeneous little DIY fish
trap made from a couple of empty plastic soda bottles. Damn, to think all this
time I've draggin my ass through waste deep water with a dip net, taking 2
hours to accomplish what he was able to do in 15 minutes.  Live and Learn   :
			Anyway, I also notified our wholesaler of the disaster, and the fish, ALL
the fish will be going out tomorrow morn.
			Well, time for a disco nap.   : P         Later dudes