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RE: NANFA-- RE: Collecting fears

Another note: most of the ecology of running water brooks and streams is 
based upon the fall leaves that enter the water and form the basis of 
the food web for these systems.  Removing the overstory not only removes 
the leaves, but warms the stream and usually involves siltation.  Any 
wonder that the ecosystem changes?

BTW, there is a HUGE freshwater lobster in Australia which depends on 
sunken logs for food.  Due to overfishing and the removal of the logs 
from the rivers due to a perception that they were navigation hazards, 
the lobster is on the endangered/threatened species list.  Another prime 
example of what happens when the food source is removed that an entire 
ecosystem depends on.

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>I just thought of something of possible interest related to the effects
>of removing fish from the wild.  Salmon runs in Washington ain't what
>they used to be.  People are now speculating that the rivers and 
>may be missing a crucial nutrient source, so salmon hatchery employees
>are trucking carcasses to streams and leaving them there.  These
>carcasses are from fish which returned to the hatchery and would not
>have spawned in the stream (some hatchery programs are very successful
>This isn't about removing fish from the wild, but it does suggest that
>something as biologically signficant as huge salmon runs are an
>important component of the ecology of the Pacific Nortwest.
>Jay DeLong
>Olympia, WA, USA

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