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Genus Elassoma

      How many of you keep Elassomas(pygmy sunfish)?  This is probably
 to keep location data.  The only reason I bring up these fish is I'm
very interested in them.  If you mixed locations or don't have an idea,
then they are aquarium strain.  

     The method behind my madness here is A lot of our natives are
distinctly different throughout there range.  This will be helpful in
further studies by both "educated biologists" and home or school of hard
knocks fish enthusiasts.  A not so recent example is the spotted sunfish,
which is now two fish one is a subspecies. Lepomis Punctatus punctatus
and L. punctatus miniatus.  

     What I'm getting at is you might not know what you have, and the
location makes it that much more special.   This is also important when
trading fish, it's nice to know where your new fish actually came from. 
This will help in appreciating other areas, much like some tropical fish
enthusiasts are very interested in what happens in the amazon or lake
victoria for example.

<<<This is partially in regards to Mark Binkleys Fish Shipping/Trading
Letter in the back of the American Currents...

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