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Bull Trout Lady

 Here is a Bio on Mary Hanson,  could you pass this along to Dan to put in
the NANFA newsletter.
Mary Hanson is the Bull Trout Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Fish
and Wildlife in Portland, a position she has held since July 1995.  Prior to
returning to the Portland area, she was the department field representative
in the Watershed Health program in La Grande and was the Southeast Region
basin planner in Hines.  While in eastern Oregon she participated on several
working groups focused on fish and grazing issues.
Mary coordinates bull trout conservation activities in Oregon and networks
with neighboring states and Canada on bull trout issues.  She works with
local bull trout working groups to draft conservation strategies, status
reports, and maintains an updates the statewide bull trout distribution map

BA Zoology-Fresno State University
MS Geography-Portland State University


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