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Insect traps

Ok, the threads have been flying on how to trap insects...just got back
from a Zoology field trip where we did just that....and awwwwaayyyyy we
ggoooooooo!  :)

  Cut the top off of a 2 litre pop (soda...for you eastern folks) bottle.
Then take something like a cottage cheese container.  Insert the
decapitated bottle top down into the other container. (I suppose the
bottom half to the decapitated bottle would work here too).  Make sure it
is in securely.  Now we used alcohol to catch our bugs...but you might try
a few drops of sugar water, or 'pheromes' or whatever so's you don't kill
your's and get your fish 'pickled' (or at least give 'em a really good
'buzz'. hehehe)  Bury this contraption so that the edge is flush with the
surface of the ground, leave set for a day or two and there you have it.
The bugs don't get out because the bottle top is a one way funnel.  Hope
that helps.