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alternative bug zapper DIY project idea

Years ago, in anticipation of owning a pond someday, I picked up a device at a
garage sale that has a round fluorescent light in it and a blower above.  I've
not used it yet (forgot I had it ).  It has a cover and sides.  Plug it in and
hang it over the pond.  Insects are attracted to the light and then blown into
the water.  It looks like it was commercially built.  Live food for the fish
without the possible nutritional degradation of being zapped!

It would also be good for those who don't have ponds if it had some sort of
sack or other container that the insects were blown into live.  The container
would then be frozen to kill the insects, also without the possible
nutritional loss of zapping them.

Besides myself, I am sure others would be interested in a good design of how
to build one ourselves.  Also, if anyone knows of where one can be bought
commercially, I'd like to know.

Chuck Church
CEFChurch at aol_com
Indianapolis, Indiana USA