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value of Bug Zapper insects as fish food - conclusions & questions

After getting some feedback, I am coming to the following conclusions:

1)  Pond owners seem to have good luck with them mounted over ponds

2)  They are probably good for aquarium fish, too.  But I am guessing just as
part of a balanced diet.  (Wish I would get on a balanced diet!)   ;-)

3)  Frozen insect may immediately lose some nutritional value.  I would assume
they lose more over time.

4)  Zapped insects MAY spread disease over an area of about 20' - keep zappers
away from people and eating areas.

5)  Zapped insects MAY lose some nutritional value when zapped, but not all.

6)  Zappers are indiscriminate on what they kill and (for some reason) may
increase the local population of undesirable insects.  For this reason, I am
guessing you shouldn't use them all the time.  (I read something a long time
ago that the main reason folks bought zappers was to get mosquitos, which are
actually rarely killed).


One poster suggested to remove insects with stingers.  That seems to make
sense in one way, but in the wild, don't fish eat insects with stingers?  Or
do they discriminate that food?  What do you experienced people say?

One poster said to remove moth wings, but I don't know why.  Some native and
tropicals I have in aquariums compete over dead moths.

Thanks again!

Chuck Church
CEFChurch at aol_com
Indianapolis, Indiana USA