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Fish shipments

Hello all,

  To those of you on these lists that this does not apply to, I apologize
for taking up your time.  Since I am a member of both organizations, I am
posting this on both lists.

  Several people have contacted me in the last few weeks in regards to
receiving fish shipments from me.  Usually Red Shiners...
Unfortunately, a family member was admitted into the hospital yesterday
and is in bad shape.  This means that I will not be shipping any fish for
at least the next two weeks...as I also start my fall semester on Monday
the 24th.

  Would all those people I have talked to or ordered fish please contact
me?  I have lost track of my orders in the last couple of days and want to
touch base with everyone.  I apologize for this, but with my family
situation the way it is I'm lucky to even remember that I was suppossed to
ship fish, let alone who was suppossed to get them.

  I know I have trades/fish to ship to the following:

   Dwight Moody
   Dave Hall
   B.G. Granier  (did I spell that right?)

  I also know there are a couple of others out there but I'm sorry to say
you have been lost in the crisis.  Please contact me at my personal e-mail
address:  luke764 at hotmail_com     

so that I can get all my orders straightened out.  By the way, if someone
was considering making an order request, don't be put off by my temporary
confusion, it may take a few weeks, but I'm always willing to fill orders.

Luke McClurg