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Re: Tank crash

Yes.  I have repaired several tanks successfully. Start by removing ALL 
of the old silicone, using a single sided razor blade.  You will need to 
use several, then use a fresh blade after you think you have gotten it 
all - you will get more of it. Then use a green scrubbing pad to remove 
any residuals, then use emery cloth over the areas to be resealed to get 
the final bit and to roughen the surface to improve adhesion of the 
silicone.  Use only silicone designed for aquariums, available from Mail 
Order Pet Shop and Pet Warehouse for about $7 for a 10 oz tube that goes 
in a caulk gun.  Apply a good bead and smooth out with your finger, 
ensuring no bubbles.  Make the bead cover more than the prior silicone 
did.  Allow to cure for about two weeks before rinsing and filling with 
water.  Allow to sit for a couple of days before putting in fish to 
ensure that there are no leaks.

BTW, one of the most common sources of leaks is an uneven surface. Use a 
spirit level to make sure the stand is level, then place a sheet of 
styrofoam insulation under the tank to equilize pressure and prevent 
stress spots that will eventually cause a leak or breakage.

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>I had a terrible experience last Friday.  I came into my room to find
>about an inch of water out of my 55 gal. tank and on the floor.  I'l 
>a couple of fish too...apparently from lack of oxygen.
>Fortunately I was able to move the remaining fishes to a temporary 
>vat and now have to fix the leak on the 55.
>Any one have some suggestions on repairing these tanks?  I know I need 
>trim out the old silicone and them clean it carefully before resealing 
>Any other advice?

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