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Re: Salt and fungus

Suggest using 1 tsp per gallon - most fish can tolerate this.  Rock 
salt, pickling salt or kosher salt is fine, as long as there are no 
additives.  Pure salt only. Be careful about using too many antibiotics 
as most of them will effectively kill off your nitrifying bacteria and 
cause the fish to have to deal with not only the fungus, but also rising 
levels of ammonia and/or nitrite, which are both quite toxic and 
stressful to the fish.

Frequent water changes, salt (only add salt to the makeup water at the 
same concentration) and good amounts of quality foods, coupled with a 
natural setting to reduce stress and maybe a water conditioner will be 
quite helpful.

Fungus is caused by damage due to injury, coupled with stress.  Suggest 
using Stress Guard, NovAqua or other water conditioner that contains 
electrolytes and slime replacement substances which will help control 
fungus, especially if the acclimation tank is also dosed ahead of time 
with some salt.  Most plants have little tolerance for salt, however, 
java moss, java fern and tapegrass (vallisineria) seem to be able to 
tolerate higher levels.

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>I just moved some fish from a tank with river water where they were
>acclimating. They have been in the new tank about 3-4 days and they
>are coming down with a white fungus. I just started treating this AM
>with Maracyn. I added a heater to raise the temp. in the tank. I never
>had fungus in my heated tanks so I thought I would try this too.
>I am going to start using salt in my tanks at least at first. I dont
>have anywhere locally I can get a Sea Salt so I an going to use Rock
>Salt (no iodine). How much per gallon should I use?
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