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Re: Quintana atrizona: willing to buy or trade

Hi Dwight,

I haven't collected this fish in Louisiana but that doesn't mean they
aren't here. Does the person with the article on his website mention a
locale where this fish was collected?

I will check with Dominic Isla, who is a dedicated livenearer breeder and
see if he could be of any help to you. I'll keep you informed.



> From: Dwight Moody <dwightmoody at hotmail_com>
> To: livebearers at aquaria_net; nfc at actwin_com; bgcajun at juno_com
> Subject: Quintana atrizona: willing to buy or trade
> Date: Friday, August 14, 1998 5:01 PM
> Does anyone out there maintain a colony of these fish? I am trying to 
> get at least one male to go with my two females, the only ones that 
> survived a pH crash.  The person I contacted who had an article on 
> Quintana atrizona on his web site claims that they are often caught in 
> Louisiana, although they are actually native to Cuba - the most recent 
> report of an existing native population was on the Isle of Pines, which 
> I assume is off the coast of Cuba. Perhaps they are an established 
> exotic.  Willing to buy or trade.
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