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RE: Argh.

Actually, Jay,, its just a first time thing.  HOwever, I figured it was
worth nipping it in the bud.

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On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Jay DeLong wrote:

> >Hey all.
> >  I'm in -=pissed off=- mode again, and would like to just reiterate a
> >point:
> >  
> >   Anyone flaming -=ANYONE=- over this list will be dealt with 
> >as per the R&R (See attachement.)  Anyone who uses the list to get 
> >adresses to flame will also be dealt wiht.  Arguements should not be
> taken 
> >offlist to flame one another.
> Josh, no offense intended, but has this been such a problem that you
> can't just deal with the party(ies) involved?  I mean, now there are 50
> people wondering what happened and only two or three that actually know.
> Regards,
> Jay DeLong