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Re: letter

	Excellent article. Great work, Robert. 

	It may be hard to believe this but it has long been a dream of
mine to establish a small natural pond (not Goldfish or Koi!). While a
teenager (over 10 years ago), I had read an article in the Reader's Digest
about this person who dug up a small pond around a stream in his backyard. 
This pond was made by partially damming up a small stream and creating a
large expanse of quiet water with the overflow continuing downstream over
a short waterfall. Since this pond was fed by the spring, it was not long
before it came 'alive'. The person had even created a small island etc. 

	Now, wouldn't it be super-cool to do something like this? Perhaps
one of these days when I get my own place, I'll move out of the city to
one of the 'burbs where there is a stream in my backyard ... (Hmmm ...
I'll have to worry about flooding and flood insurance, though :-)


On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, robert a rice wrote:
> In Oct FAMA or Right Here NMOW :)
> >	Where can I find this article? 
>               The Resurrection of Fox Den Lake
>            (An Aquarist Tackles Lake Restoration )
>                        by Robert Rice
>             2213 Prytania Circle Navarre Florida
>                             32566
>                   email robertrice at juno_com
> Many   folks  dream of living on a lake. To be able to  fish
> from  your  own  backyard appeals to  many  of  us.  Imagine
> catching  the big one just  a  few feet  away  from  a  cold