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Re: Need help/opinions

Hi all...Is anyone else getting double post from this newsgroup? Herb, is it
possible that I have two subscribtions and they are being sent to the same
address?  Any insight into this would be appreciated...TIA......Charles
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From: Herb Harris <top_side at geocities_com>
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Date: Friday, July 17, 1998 1:50 AM
Subject: Re: Need help/opinions

> What's the filtration setup? Have you measured any water parameters?
>With an 80% change, I'd expect you took care of bad water (like a
>problem from non oxygen using bacteria creating toxic conditions in a
>deep gravel bed not being thoroughly cleaned, or a box filter not
>cleaned regularly that has decaying matter in it), but it may show up
>again soon if the root cause is not found and dealt with, or by chance
>the underlying condition is changed. In some cases, an 80% change is a
>bit much in itself as well, as it will create ph adjustment and other
>system shock problems.
> For a good introductory discussion of tank setup and maintenance in all
>stages, I refer you to:
> Also, any idea what the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) level is in the tank? If
>you have good aeration that should not be a problem though.
> Sometimes too many fish in a tank can drive the ammonia levels up, and
>when the ph changes over time it goes toxic quickly when a small change
>(more food introduced for example) pushes the biofiltration system over
>the edge.
> I refer you to the following url for a discussion of ammonia (NH3) vs.
>ammonium (NH4+) and the effects on animals in your tank.
> Heat levels will affect things too, by killing or otherwise affecting
>the helpful bacterial in their ability to deal with the ammonia. Heat
>definitely creates other problems as well, as many parasites reproduce
>exponentially with only a few degrees difference in the temperature.
> So in general, since there a good number of variables, if the
>temperature goes up, try to lower it. If the filter hasn't been changed
>or cleaned, there's a place to look. If you have gravel or sand, be sure
>to clean it sometimes. If there is a lot of plant matter other than
>growing plants, get some out.
> Also the FINS database is an excellent reference source. The url for
>the search is:
> Course, the fish may be dying of old age? :)
> Hope this helps, but its really just a shot in the dark without more
>Kudzu wrote:
>> I have a 20 gallon planted tank that has been set up for months now.
>> No problems at all! I have Blood fins Tetras and Serpa Tetras in
>> there. Add 3 American Flagfish about 3+ months ago for algae control.
>> Everything has seemed fine.
>> I found one dead and another the next day. I couldn't find the 3rd one
>> in all the plants. Then he showed up and must have a swim bladder
>> problem. He stays on the bottom and can't swim.
>> About this time I moved all the Tetras out. My 10 gallon sprang a leak
>> and I moved a half dozen sunnies in there and 6 Bass fry in there. I
>> thought nothing of this. Well within 48 hours 4 sunnies have died for
>> no reason. Bass are all fine. I did an 80% water change tonight and
>> will watch and see.
>> Anyone have any ideas? I am stumped. No new fish in this tank for 3
>> months. No new plants. I cant think of anything different.
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