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Re: Need help/opinions

Hi Charles,

	Is this a persistent problem, or a one time thing? If not persistent,
it could be a router in transient spit out two copies, though this is
unlikely, it has happened before. In that case, just ignore the second
posting, as it will not occur often.

	Otherwise, to check your subscription status, in the event that you
think you are perhaps listed under two email aliases, but have them both
going to your ISP email address, just issue a command to the address:

majordomo at actwin_com

that has "who nfc" without the quotes in the body of the message,
subject is ignored. If you find that you are subscribed twice, then you
can get one of the aliases off the list by sending "unsubscribe nfc
(alias)" to the same majordomo address.

	If you have some unforeseen difficulty getting one of the names off the
list, let me know the other name you are subscribed under, if any. I
will unsubscribe it if needed, as I can do most admin functions except
handle BOUNCE, and that is being looked into. Please forward both
postings to me (not the list) so I can check the full headers for clues
to what the problem is.


dakota wrote:
> Hi all...Is anyone else getting double post from this newsgroup? Herb, is it
> possible that I have two subscribtions and they are being sent to the same
> address?  Any insight into this would be appreciated...TIA......Charles