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RE: Now Never returned to the wild

That was me...I'm the 'stockboy'.  :)


On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, Hemsath, Gay wrote:

> If my memory serves I believe this whole thread started when some one (
> in Kansas ) said that they caught fish in a river a stocked them in a
> farm pond.  See last paragraph and explain why it's OK now and again for
> R. Rice ?  I think some where this has come a full circle !!
> If the word is "Once Caught, Once Bought, NEVER Returned to the Wild"
> under any circumstances then I believe that strictly adhering to this
> motto will put a stop to all restocking efforts by any organization or
> individual of any and all waters.  Any out door water containment will
> in time over flow  because of either to much water (rain, snow melt,
> spring or fall run off ) or silting in, therefore all fish relocated by
> any means are subject to being released back to the wilds with all the
> evils as mentioned.  Are you sure you want to take this stance ?
> Gay
> On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, mcclurg luke e wrote:
> Just a couple of points.
> 	> we try to do things such as species reintroductions whether
> from captive
> 	> or wild caught stock.  A perfect example (to me anyway) of
> when this
> 	> policy should not be in effect is R. Rice's "The Resurrection
> of Fox Den
> 	> Lake".  (sorry to drag you into this Robert)  :)  And again, I
> do on
> 	> occasions capture and use wild caught fishes to stock farm
> ponds. 
> No disagreement there as long as it is done based on as local a stock as
> possible. 
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> 		> OK, I'll quit being the fly in the ointment, I agree
> that re-release of fish
> 		> is probably not a good idea,
> 	Snip
> 	Very little as I understand it.  Most folks are pretty ignorant
> when it comes to diseases.  
> 		> By the way, in reference to the stream I told you
> about in my last letter, I
> 		> talked my cousin into putting native fish into his
> lawn pond instead of
> 		> goldfish because his pond was washed out by a recent
> flood.  I told him
> 		> about the problem with the introduction of exotics and
> if he wanted a pond
> 		> that was vulnerable to floods he should not stock it
> with exotics.  Also we
> 		> managed to catch two wayward gold fish from the
> stream.  Did I do good? 
> 	Great, this is the kinda positive message we need to get out
> there!!
> 	Cheers
> 	Peter Unmack