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Re: Re: Announcement


Thank you for the information concerning the Latin name of the tilapia.
That does sound interesting.  I will be bidding I suppose.

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Date: Saturday, July 04, 1998 9:01 AM
Subject: Re: Re: Announcement

>Hey folks,
> Thanks for the input, we will be offering smaller lots of 5
>with shipping and handling at 10.00 per lot to keep the price per fish
>reasonable. The smaller lot sizes are experimental. This is only the second
>eAuction and after a few more we will have a better idea of what the market
>will bare. The Tilapia sci. name is Oreochromis Aurea. These, like most the
>fish we catch for auction are juveniles. Current stock of wild caughts
>100 so I will have to put off any more saving fish for auction till this
>is sold or destroyed. I will post final Lots to the eAuction webstie this
>afternoon and bidding begins at 12am tonight. Good Luck   : )
>the suggestions coming.
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