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Re: Announcement

Just reading about the auction and wanted to ask a question and make a
comment. The first thing I noticed is the quantity of fish in each lot. If I
were interested in Cichlids I wouldn't want to buy that  many in most cases
I would only want to buy 3-5 at a time. I would be interested in some Cory
Cats if you catch some but I sure wouldn't need 10 of them.

Is the large lots size because of the cost of shipping?

Of course as long as you can sell them I guess it doesn't matter the lot
size. Just my two cents!

Jeff <*\\><
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on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
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From: Phylesis at aol_com <Phylesis at aol_com>
To: nfc at actwin_com <nfc at actwin_com>
Date: Friday, July 03, 1998 8:21 PM
Subject: Announcement

>These fish were removed from the wild in So. Florida. The eAuction is part
>the Exotic Removal Program to raise funds for NFC conservation projects to
>protect and preserve our NATIVE fishes and thier habitats.
>The next auction is schedualed to begin Sun. July 5 at 12:00am and will end
>July 12 at 12:00pm.
>Lot 1.......12 Jewel Cichlids      2 to 3"
>Lot 2......12 Nandopsis Cichlasoma salvini   1 to 2"
>Lot 3......12 Nandopsis Cichlasoma salvini   1 to 2"
>Lot 4......4 Blue Tilapia 2 to 3"
>There will a final list of LOTs on Sat. afternoon  July 4 as there will
>removals Friday and early Sat.
>For details on the current or future eAuctions visit us at.......
>Recipes for Oscars and other exotics can found on the ERP page of the NFC
>website at.............................................
>If your interested in becoming a volunteer for the Exotic Removal Program
>So. Florida, you can email me direct at Phylesis at aol_com or by SASE
>Daryl Roche
>425 N.E. 12th ave
> Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301
>Daryl Roche
>Exotic Removal Program Administrator
>   Once Caught, Once Bought, NEVER Returned to the Wild
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