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Re: Florida Legislation

   Well written, and I like your ideas.  However, I tend to disagree with
the tax on the wholesale level of ornamental fishes.  This would raise the
price on ornamental fishes, possibly enough to drive some people out of
the hobby, or discourage them from getting in.  
   My beleif is that people tend to get into the hobby with ornamentals.
They may or may not then move onto natives.  If we discourage them at the
ornamental level, most will never get up to natives, whihc, in the long
run, will be counter productive.  
   Just my two cents on that matter.  A while back, a tax was proposed in
NJ, I think, on exotic herptiles (That is, amphibians and reptiles).  The
tax involved a liscense, as well as a small sales tax.  It was a great way
to discourage peole from buying animals like Pythons, Iguannas, and so on.
These animals make great pets.. until their feed bills stack up, and they
reach huge (and potentially dangerous) sizes.  Then, they get dumped on
zoos/museums, left to die of neglect, or released.  The main issue was
that animals such as the Clawed Frog, a $2.99 aquarium inhabitant, many
newts, and so on would suffer large increases in price.  Beond that, pet
shops had to pay the liscense fees, just to have them in the store.  This,
of course, resulted in higher prices on everything as the PS tried to make
up for the cost.  A good idea, also intended to curb releases, but, it
jhst didn't work.  I believe your proposed tax may lead to the same sort
of problems.

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