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Re: Fish Discussions...

Robert's right.

 (wow, did I say that?!?  :)  )  I hope I didn't offend anyone.  I have
the unfortunate and nasty habit of getting too involved in a subject I am
very passionate about...ok, knock off the jokes!  :)... 

 I apologize ahead of time for any toes or egos I imadvertantly bruiesed.


On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Hi All,
> WOW my email box was full of discussions today on exotic definitions etc
> etc....First off let me say I think it is good to have these discussions
> on the list as long as they do not become  personal in nature . 
> Second off Sometimes folks make the mistake of seeing a discussion like
> this as NFC policy . Well the discussions are interesting and hopefully
> productive but they are not NFC Policy. Hopefully people will learn from
> these discussions  and can incorperate these things into future policy
> discussions /positions. However What they all amount to is differing
> views and opinions on some rather dicey topics. Interesting stuff for
> sure.
> NFC's primary job right now is to get members . Without members we will
> be unable to bring in the funds or have the political clout to enact any
> of our programs.
> So walk carefully on the email lists when you get into dicey discussions
> . I've seen them turn destructive and unpleasant and will have no part of
> it here. There are several reasons why we did not put out a slew of
> tighly written position papers the day we opened shop. The main reason
> was We at the BOT and myself as President did not want to get into a
> fortress mentality by producing such tightly written papers that we were
> sure to spend our valuable time defending them from within instead of
> doing the important work . There are so many areas that have no
> controversy It seemed simplest and best to deal with them first. To break
> off into tangents that analyze every word of every program to the nth
> degree is a unproductive thing that we should avoid. We are a grass roots
> organization not a PHD class . We should deal with the broader issues of
> fish conservation particuarly public education , Fish life histories etc
> . Long discussions of wether this law or that law are good bad whatever
> are unproductive. Good may be a subjective term but it works :) We will
> follow what evers on the books...
> I think we can all agree that removing  aquarium species from our waters
> is a good thing. Destroying the unsaleable ones is a good thing.
> Informing the greater public of the damage these species cause is a good
> thing... :) Purchasing conservation easments and promoting rational use
> of our resources is a good thing....Where we have common ground we will
> partner .....Anyway off my soapbox
> IMO 
> Back to lurker mode
> Robert Rice
> Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
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