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Re: Fish Discussions...

Maybe a way to resolve some of the problems faced by people who want to keep
native fish would for a person to buy a license to catch fish for his or her
aquarium by a particular means (dip net, trap, ect) and keep small fish for
aquarium use with no resale or transfer to other people for money.  Any fish
would be fair game, even game fish, (except endangered or otherwise in
trouble).  Another license could be available for someone who wanted to
collect nongame species for sale or trade (except the above mentioned
endangered or threatened) A person who had both licenses would be responsible
for keeping the fish separate and would loose his permit if found violating
it.  I really don't see catching small game fish for personal aquarium use to
be a big threat.  Far more large and reproductively active fish are taken with
a much more pronounced effect on the fish population than taking of a few game
fish fingerlings.  I some areas of the world it is the law to take small
specimens and leave the big reproducing adults, this results in a much
healthier fish population by way of maintaining the supply of small fish and
protecting the reproducing adults.