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Idea for Newbies?

First I want to say how much I have enjoyed reading the articles that Robert
Rice has written. I may have read some by others and I don't mean to ignore
anyone. They have been a big factor in convincing me to raise native fish.

I had an idea that some experienced members might consider as a project.
An article or most likely series of Articles for Newbies to Native fish
keeping. A lot of the information would be REAL basic for the guys that have
been raising Natives for a while but to us new guys would be very welcome.
There are lots of things that come to my mind and the first I think would be
fish suitable for someone new. When I look at Peterson's I see lots of
colorful fish that I would like to have but there is not much information on
the fish. Obviously some fish are easy to keep and raise and some are
probably impossible to keep in an Aquarium.

Types of food to feed fish, tank sizes and habitats needed. Some fish would
prefer gravel and some might like sand. Other might need a current and
cooler water. I know that this is asking a lot and that it is hard to
generalize about fish because they vary so. Maybe the articles could written
for a type or family of fish. Like something on keeping Sunfish in general.
Or one on Darters. Sure there will be exceptions to the general rules but
that is always going to be the case.

This would be something that would be great to have on your web site! One of
the Killie Sites has a some great information like this geared to the
newbie. Maybe their site could be used as a guide to get something started.
I know there are a lot of us newbies that could sure use this.

Food for thought!

Jeff <*\\><
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