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Re: Natives win! :-)

	Better watch it, at the rate your enthusiasm is catching, you just
might turn around one day and be helping lead the masses to see keeping
and helping the natives as the way it should be! :)

Like Robert said, common folks doing uncommon things! Congrats!


Kudzu wrote:
> Just wanted to let someone know that I have made up my mind to raise
> Natives. I started in aquariums about a year ago and got in to planted tanks
> and love raising plants. This however never really satisfied me. I have
> wanted to set a large tank with fish from the Lake I live on. After
> discovering this group and reading all I can on natives I have decided this
> is what I want to do. Collecting fish locally and breeding them sounds like
>me. I have never have cared to do what the masses were doing.