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Natives win! :-)

Just wanted to let someone know that I have made up my mind to raise
Natives. I started in aquariums about a year ago and got in to planted tanks
and love raising plants. This however never really satisfied me. I have
wanted to set a large tank with fish from the Lake I live on. After
discovering this group and reading all I can on natives I have decided this
is what I want to do. Collecting fish locally and breeding them sounds like
me. I have never have cared to do what the masses were doing. I will keep my
60 planted and will most likely just keep some tropicals in there that I
attached to.

Anyway I have decided to covert a 20 long and a 30 long over for native
fish. I still don't know what fish yet but that will come in time. First I
have to move a few around and take a few tropicals to the LFS. Then the hard
part of deciding and finding what I want to try to raise.

My goal is a 100+ gallon with a breading colony of Longear Sunfish as the
main fish and then whatever will get along with them. That is a year or two
away but it never hurts to start dreaming early!

Will try to get a membership in next week. Oh Thanks for Great Articles
Robert! They were a large part of my decision!

Jeff <*\\><
"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
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