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Re: Club auction

Hi Gay,

	For those that missed Robert's post yesterday, Daryl Roche is the new
Exotics program administrator. I'm sure he and others in the ERT program
have many great ideas in the works to carry the Exotics Removal Team
efforts to new waters.

	In an effort to do one job well, rather than several poorly, I am
concentrating my efforts on the breeders program. I am serving as the
current auctioneer for the auction already in progress, but hopefully
someone else will find the time and personal resources to step forward
for that position as well.

	Thanks for the post though, I'm sure Daryl will see to it.

Herb Harris

Hemsath, Gay wrote:
> Robert / Herb
> This might also be away to sell some of the Exotics as well
> Gay