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Re: Anyone Know a good fish?

Hi all,

	Anyone ever tried to collect and ship eggs from any NA killie or shiner
species? I know that Dave Hall is setting up for killies, but perhaps
someone here has experience with actually shipping the eggs?
	If not, might think about trying, just to see. Maybe put some live food
in the bag in case they hatch in transit.
	I'm game for receiving in case there is anyone wanting to try.
May turn out to be a stinking mess, but might turn out to be a way to
get these species into the hands of "newbies" to "evangilize" with (yes,
there's that word again)!
	May be just the sort of thing the Breeders Program can use to "spread
the word" with. Experience is sometimes the best teacher, and if we can
give a person new to NA fish a good experience with them, we have
started them on their way.