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Re: Exotics

Hey all.
   As scary as it may sound, not only is the story true, but its allso
quite ocmmon in northernclimates.  Frequently, discharges from power
plants and so on can be spotted by iceless patches in rivers.  During
winter months, they provide excelent opportunities for fishing.  Tropicals
will take up hold there as the winter months aproach, and stay there until
the summer.  Typically, its more of a dumb luck on the fishes behalf that
they get to these areas.  However, being territorial, they'll often be
found here year after year.
J. L. Wiegert
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On Sat, 30 May 1998 LawrenceT5 at aol_com wrote:

>  dahall at lightspeed_net (The Halls) wrote:
>  << We have to understand that fish are skilled survivalists... I remember
>  reading  (if memory serves it was in TFH)about a species that couldn't live
>  in the cold and so no one was worried that they would establish themselves,
>  it was discovered that a outflow from a factory/power plant warmed the
>  water enough so that the species did survive. Caution is the name of the
>  game. >>
> The story is true.  The name of the fish is the Oscar.
> <<** Larry **>>