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Subject: Re: Wild Caught Cichlids /plecos
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> The Native Fish Conservancy a not for profit conservation organizationis
> embarking on an exotic species eradication program in the deep south. As
> of  the program we are considering selling 3-4 inch wild caught cichlids to
> aquarist ,aquarium societies and possibly pet stores up north. This would
> remove the fish from the wild , generate income to further conservation
> projects and give aquarist a oppourtunity to help in the conservation of
> fishes while improving the viability of their brood stock. Prices are
> to be 3-9$ a fish depending on species
> If you or your organization would like to be involved in this activity
> contact us at NFC at actwin_com
> Robert Rice
> President of the Native Fish Conservancy

I'd be interested in hearing more about this...