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Re: BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Message too long (>40000 chars)

Attached is the electronic files that comprise my Scientific Collection
Permit, except for the cover sheet, which basically cross-references to
the supporting documents.  This should be usable as a working reference
for anyone wishing to apply in their own state for a similar permit
(there may be fees involved: in NJ, $22; CT, $10; ME, no charge if you
belong to the Main Aquarium Society; VT, no charge).
If you need a hard copy, email me your snail mail address.

Above is a partial message from Dwight Moodie (My appolgies if I'mve
mispelled your name, its no longer in front of me).  If he's willing to
send me an e-mailed copy, I'll field requests to send it out.  Its simply
too large for Majordomo to handle.  If, Dwight, you'd rather field the
requests, all to it. 
J. L. Wiegert