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Re: Re: collecting exotics for resale

Daryl and list:  
   IMNHO, small fishes, about 4" or less, would be best.  The'd be easiest
to capture, easiest to ship, and most desirable.  Removing the larger ones
will have the greatest immediate impact, but removing small ones will have
thegreatest long term.  Removing both would be ideal, but theres simply
nothing to be done wiht the larger ones but the fillet knife. Cichlasoma
are perfectly edible, and make a good part of the diet of native peoples.
J. .l. Wiegert

On Sat, 23 May 1998, Phylesis wrote:

> 		Good point J. L.  If there is anything I can do to quell
> 	any fears that the fish I send out for the exotic capture 
> 	program are not store bought and in fact wild, let me know.
> 	Also, what size fish would be most desirable for this
>    purpose as some of these "beasties" can be rather large.
>    And yes, oscars are very prevelant in the wild here.
> 	Tomorrow I will begin documenting available exotics.
> 		Daryl

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