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Re: blueheads update

Hi all,

	Just an update on the situation with the blueheads. I sent in my apps
and cover letter explaining my intentions for raising and selling and/or
trading fish with other hobbyist. I figure they will either say I need
the whole nine yards of license and permits (commercial fishing license,
fish dealer license, and fish farm permit), or they will say "just go
ahead, we aren't concerned as long as its only for the aquarium hobbyist
	At any rate, I'm waiting for the paperwork to clear before I send fish
of any sort to anyone, as there is a snag that I found in the baitfish
section of the regs. I can send that section if anyone likes, but
basically it prohibits the export of "minnows" from the state that are
taken from "public waters". I'm not sure what constitutes "public
waters", the sites I collect from are all on private land, but the
creeks cross under roads and other "pubic property", and cross the
property of several individuals.
	Which, as I interpret it, means that I will have to raise any fish that
are exported, sending only those fish that are reared in my "private
water" on my "fish farm" to interested parties. Perhaps this is not the
case, but if not maybe the folks at AGFC will let me know before cashing
my checks for the license and permit. I figure sending in the apps will
at least get someone there checking into clarifying the regs concerning
capture and rearing of non game species.
	I'll post when and/or if things progress.


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