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Conservation: Home aquarists and public aquariums

I recently posted a message to this list and to NANF requesting information on
native fish species and sources. This was for a new public aquarium, for which
I, as an independant, life-long aquarist with 20 years professional
experience, am the curatorial consultant. First, let me thank those of you who
responded. I hope we can continue to communicate and through this effort
promote the role of home aquarists in aquatic conservation ( a concern of
recent list discussion).
Reading the posts, I have already learned much and now can say that I am
considering modifying some exhibit plans to include some of the interesting
species under discssion- flagfin darter, redbelly dace, etc. Thanks! I am
always open to more suggestions.
Unfortunately, I was told by the list administrator that my posts were
inappropriate because I represented a commercial scale operation. I hope I
offended no one. Although I asked you all to visit when we open, this was an
invitation and not an advertisement. I was and am seeking information on
native fish sources and to learn about native freshwater fish. I am by
experience, training and environment mainly a marine aquarist/ naturalist, a
natural role for someone who lives in San Diego with its wonderful local
native marine fish. I started keeping aquariums with local sticklebacks (in
the SF Bay area) at age 6.
I would like to see native fish and the home aquarists who are involved with
them play a greater role in promoting aquatic habitat conservation. Time is
short. I think public aquariums would benefit from your experience. Combined,
you could write a definitive text on the subject! A compendium of fish sources
would also be very useful! I urge all of you and the Native Fish Conservancy
to become involved ( more so if you are  already) with whatever public
aquarium is in your area and promote exhibits of your favorite local species.
I hope to encourage the participation of whatever native fish aquarists are in
the Ohio/Kentucky region in the new aquarium under construction there. This
could catch on!

I hope that this opens some further discussion amongst yourselves. I will
remain in contact with anyone who contacts or has contacted me. 
In June, I will be leaving both lists for at least a while for a month cruise
in the central Pacific. No collecting, this time, I will be videotaping fish,
a once in a lifetime opportunity, for me.

I have learned a lot from your posts. I wish you all well in your endeavours
and hope we may meet one day and continue to promote this critical issue in
the public awareness.

Bob Snodgrass
rotsnod at aol_com
11671 Tierra del Sur 
SD, Ca, 92130-2614