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RE: Idea.

grackles? I have some of these (a trio) in fact. They
re-visit my pond/stream/bog every spring. Their
activities are primarily centered on the stream although
they occasionally poke in the bog. I think they would
prefer their little feet on solid ground. Of course, if
you could train them to compete in log rolling contest,
its off to the letterman show! Mine don't seem to
bother the fish. They do eat bugs though.

Bill Edwards
Survey Research Laboratory
Arizona State University

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	Rather than add cement to a pond, would adding a floating peice
of wood
	help at all? BTW, does anyone know if these blackbirs (Mind you,
	probaly not black birds, just birds that are black.  Some brown
	in the feathers, very yellow beaks.  Sorta resemble crows from a
	distance.) are drinking, bathing, fishing, or all of the above?
If its
	drinking and bathing, maybe a bird bath nearby will solve
	hate to loose some of the small darters I've got darging
	J. L. Wiegert