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Re: blueheads

Hi all,

	I've checked the Arkansas Fish and Game regulations handbook and their
website, and blueheads are not on their published list of endangered or
threatened at any rate. Also I checked the US endangered list off the
web, and they are not on that list either. Though they may be considered
of special interest by Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, best I can
tell they can be shipped out without problem. I'll just have to get the
"bait dealer" license from what I can tell. I spent a bunch for phone
calls to Little Rock to talk to those guys at AFGC already, and for the
most part they don't seem to know whether these fish are on any list or
not! I know that they, along with bluenose, are listed as threatened in
Louisiana, but far as I can tell, not here.
        Yesterday I gathered quite a few young of the year of several
species, among them were what appear to be bluehead, though at this size
it's sort of hard to tell, but they were gathered from a spawning flat
that I observed bluehead spawning last month, so I assume they are the
the right guys - general appearance fits and all. None have sexed out to
the size that would show that big dorsal, which is the sure way I know
what I have. I'll keep you guys posted on their development.


D. Martin Moore wrote:
> >
> > Maybe someone out there can enlighten us on the intricacies of interstate
> > regulations regarding native fishes.  Does a regulation that governs the
> > disposition of a fish from one state remain in effect if that fish now
> > resides in another state?  Does the first state have any enforcement power
> > in the second state?
> This is an important area and is one which I have very little
> information on.  It can be hard to find the right person to ask.  It
> would be great if someone with DNR affiliation and an unlimited
> telephone budget could get on the horn and find this out for each
> state.
> OK, you can say it:  "It's not gonna happen, Martin!"
> Prost,
> Martin
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